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Katen Rangel had her first experience with her Psychic gifts at a very young age. Growing up Katen encountered several signs and messages from the Spirit world. She was not raised in a spiritual household and often ignored her abilities. Yet they never seemed to go away.

After a few life-changing experiences and what seemed to be a wake-up call, Katen became much more open and ready to accept her life’s calling and follow her intuition.  She started embracing the guidance and messages she received. She was able to see her abilities as a gift. This led her on a journey to study and learn topics related to Spirituality, Psychic Phenomena, Occultism, Metaphysics, Natural Living, and Alternative Healing. 

After years of research, she developed her unique style of giving readings. Katen Rangel is a Master Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Health Intuitive, Energy Healer, Pet Psychic, and well-established Tarot Reader.  Her reading style is compassionate yet direct.  All readings are confidential unless stated otherwise.

Hi, I’m Katen, thanks for visiting my site and reading my bio.

As a natural born psychic, I am able to cover a variety of topics. No question is too big or too small. The more specific you are the more specific I can be. Cold readings are also available. You don’t have to say anything at all.

In life, there are ups and downs and when receiving a reading I will cover all aspects regardless of how good or bad. There will be no sugar coating. That being said, I firmly believe in the power of positivity. I know firsthand just how healing positive thinking can be and I understand its many depths.

My focus is always based on assisting you to become the healthiest and best possible version of yourself. I want to see people thrive in life. I feel very blessed to be able to tap into my higher wisdom and use it to bring insight to others. I take my job very seriously and have a strong work ethic. I believe strongly that the truth will set you free and that ultimately, we have the power to live, build, create, and experience the life we have always desired.

“I’ve been reading with Katen for the past 5 years. Katen is my go-to when I want an honest, fair reading without any bias or negativity.  Katen always gives me a fresh perspective and her readings are always accurate!!!”

“KATEN is on spot, she has a good feel of any situation, person, or animal! Her predictions are 99% accurate. I always can count on her for the truth presented in a kind, empathic, and hopeful way! It’s always great to talk to her to relieve my anxiety and take me out of my overthinking & negative thought pattern, always a ray of sunshine.”

Katen has guided me through work and family issues that would have been difficult to navigate without her.  Receiving knowledge that would otherwise be hidden to me has been a big help.  As an empath,  I feel so much deeper and find it difficult to process the negativity in the world.  Katen has provided spiritual guidance and tools that have made me stronger and more prepared when faced with lower vibrational energy. 

“Katen is my go-to psychic.  I have been using her services for a few years now.  You can converse with her as a friend and will receive the most accurate current information available.  She is definitely a great here and now psychic.  A true fly on the wall so to speak.”

I’ve known Katen for years and she’s the best psychic I know. 99.9% of the time, she’s right and has helped me through many stressful times. Not only is she a great psychic, but she’s an excellent medium and animal communicator. She has spiritual knowledge and a depth way beyond her years that enable her to give sound advice if requested and needed. I’m telling you that she has a rare and special gift.

Hours of Operation

Appointments cannot be booked sooner than 24 hours in advance.
(all times Pacific Standard)

Monday – 8am-4pm
Tuesday – 8am-4pm
Wednesday – 4pm-10pm
Thursday – 8am-4pm
Friday – 8am-1pm
Sunday – 9am-11am

Psychic Phone Reading/ Spiritual Counseling

Psychic readings can vary greatly from person to person. We may cover past, present and future topics. You can ask questions or get a general forecast on what comes up for you. During a reading the Psychic may or may not use divination tools like Tarot Cards, Crystals and Pendulums. Each reading is personalized and catered directly towards your wants and needs.

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